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The well being and health promotion of Black women are at the core of every interaction. We pair our mothers with health professionals of similar backgrounds, well versed in the many challenges facing the Black American and the Black immigrant maternal health populations of South Florida. 



  • Black Women

  • Residing in the State of Florida

  • Pregnant or Trying to Conceive                                                                                                                               


  •  Black Infants (0-24 months) are also eligible for program  

How we differ from the rest:

We acknowledge that non Hispanic, Black women have the highest rates of maternal mortality in the Nation. Based on the former, we deem every Black pregnancy a high risk pregnancy and offer nurse case management services free of charge to eligible enrollees.

Our cases managers have smaller caseloads, than the typical Obstetric Case managers, permitting a higher touch frequency.

Our case managers follow clients before, during, and 13 months after pregnancy.

Coordinate and encourage medical appointments: prenatal care, routine vaccinations, and dental care.

Our case managers provide in-depth education on chronic and acute disease states.

Our case managers assess and educate mothers on warning signs, their implications, and the need for immediate medical intervention.

Our nurse case managers develop care plans and assess member's understanding and adherence to care plan.

Establishes and promotes a collaborative relationship with client, physicians, insurers, and other members of the health care team

Coordinate community resources to ensure home environment is safe for mother and child.

Encourage and Facilitate healthy diet and exercise.

Offer "healthy reward incentives," for mothers to enroll in and complete the program, a valued measure to promote compliance.

Young Nurse

*Call  954-751-1754 to enroll, space is limited, interested parties may be subject to waiting list...

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